About Milawa Mustards

Since establishing Milawa Mustards in 1982, Anna and David Bienvenu have extended their range of home made seeded mustards from five varieties to eighteen.

The mustards are handmade on the premises by David and are made to the couples unique recipes, using only the finest ingredients grown on their farm, one kilometre out of Milawa. If you are travelling through Milawa in the spring time, the Mustard fields can usually be viewed from the Snow Road just out of town.

Since relocating Milawa Mustards from their house on the farm, to the beautiful Old Emu Inn in the centre of Milawa, Anna has launched a whole new range of seasonal condiments, such as pastes, jellies, jams, chutneys, marmalades and salad dressings, again utilising the couples herbs and fruits grown on their farm.

Anna and David have successfully retained the cottage industry approach. All of Milawa Mustards condiments are handmade by Anna and David themselves on the premises, thus preserving the quality of this authentic cottage industry by growing, preparing and selling their range of more than 100 different seasonal condiments.

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